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External wall Insulation

Insu­lat­ing solid walls with exter­nal Wall Insu­la­tion (EWI) can help reduce some of the 35% of cool air/heat loss that occurs from this area of a prop­erty.

EWI is a fan­tas­tic solu­tion that can insu­late older prop­er­ties and those that that do not have cav­ity walls also helping to reduce your energy bills. External wall insu­la­tion has a greater impact on the energy effi­ciency of a prop­erty.

Our external wall insulation systems also provide a significant upgrade to the appearance of your property. We offer a huge range of different colours, including different render granularity,

EWI is installed by apply­ing a layer of EPS to the out­side of the exposed walls of your home. The mate­r­ial is stuck to the walls ini­tially with con­crete adhe­sive and then rein­forced by mechan­i­cal fix­ings and plas­tic caps.

The sys­tem is fur­ther rein­forced by a layer of adhe­sive and rein­force­ment mesh before a final ren­der is added. The sys­tem should prove to be a durable solu­tion, last­ing the test of weather and time, whilst pro­vid­ing superb insu­lat­ing per­for­mance.