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All Aspects of Rendering Services Undertaken
BT Plastering can provide all aspects of rendering for domestic and commercial projects across Perth and the surrounding areas. Our rendering contractors are fully trained in all aspect of the trade.
Choosing the correct render, materials and products can be quite confusing. There are lots of rendering systems to choose from on the market and each one has their own benefits and disadvantages. Our team will advise you on the best rendering services and products to use based on your budget and other requirements, all of our sand and cement render have a water proof additives added to repel water, reducing water penetration and helping to stop penetrating damp . You can see more of our completed rendering projects here.
Get in touch with us if you would like to request a free quote and consultation to get started on your rendering project today.

Safeguard your home from unwanted damp with the high-quality rendering services of BT Plastering. Based in Quinn’s Rocks, I can provide you with a variety of internal and external rendering solutions, including smooth, thin coat, and traditional options. From small external areas on your home through to complete home rendering, I take care of all rendering and damp proofing services. Contact me today to hear more about what I do.

External Wall Insulation

Insu­lat­ing solid walls with exter­nal Wall Insu­la­tion (EWI) can help reduce some of the 35% of cool air/heat loss that occurs from this area of a prop­erty.

EWI is a fan­tas­tic solu­tion that can insu­late older prop­er­ties and those that that do not have cav­ity walls also helping to reduce your energy bills. External wall insu­la­tion has a greater impact on the energy effi­ciency of a prop­erty.

Our external wall insulation systems also provide a significant upgrade to the appearance of your property. We offer a huge range of different colours, including different render granularity,

EWI is installed by apply­ing a layer of EPS to the out­side of the exposed walls of your home. The mate­r­ial is stuck to the walls ini­tially with con­crete adhe­sive and then rein­forced by mechan­i­cal fix­ings and plas­tic caps.

The sys­tem is fur­ther rein­forced by a layer of adhe­sive and rein­force­ment mesh before a final ren­der is added. The sys­tem should prove to be a durable solu­tion, last­ing the test of weather and time, whilst pro­vid­ing superb insu­lat­ing per­for­mance.

Dot and Dab

Dry lining or as its alternatively known as dot and dab is a popular method to quickly get a good clean workable finish to walls. Dot and Dab/dry Lining allows us to quickly and cleaning attach gyrock board to a variety of surfaces such as masonry, timber and even metal structures, however the fixing application will vary according to substrate.

Dot and dab is when we apply adhesive to the masonry walls with adhesive dabs. We then firms fix the plaster board to the adhesive dabs making sure we leave a square and level surface

Plastering services

Covering Domestic & Commercial Projects

Here at BT Plastering, we cater for any type of domestic and commercial plastering & rendering  services in Perth and all surrounding areas. Based in Quinn’s rocks near to the freeway, we can easily travel to your location throughout Perth for any type of project. Our plasterers will always aim to please and give customers the most transparent and tailored solution possible and available within your budget.

All internal rendering has a waterproof additive added to repel water, reducing water penetration, and helping to stop rising damp, increasing the density of the render and preventing water penetration from showers which is a common problem throughout of Perth.

Our team can work towards any set of project requirements and will always be happy to discuss the various options available. If you would like our help deciding on products or materials, then please contact us to request a free quote and consultation.

Gyprocking services

Let our plasterers help you with all preparation works required to make sure your plastering project goes ahead quickly and efficiently. Our team can install new Gyproc boards, or can even Gyproc board over existing surfaces and ceilings be reducing the mess from removing old Gyproc board. All areas of preparation work such as stud walls, partition walls, existing brickwork etc. can be undertaken.

General Repairs

BT Plastering carry out all jobs  regardless of size we are experts in repair & patch work of small holes in ceilings & walls, We are also able to carry out much larger projects, We also offer water damaged repair work such as ceiling repairs. Along with all Damp proofing solutions which can occur like rising damp and penetrating damp. We have the expertise to take on all your project no matter how small.

Insurance Repairs & Works

Have you recently had an emergency? Or have you experienced an accident in your home or office space? If you have claimed on your insurance and require plastering contractors that understand the process, then contact BT Plastering today and one of our team will walk you through the entire process.

Acrylic Render

Thin Coat Acrylic Renders are very water resistant, strong, and flexible. It is an external render coating that is available in slightly over 1000 different colours. It is also known as Silicone Render or Thin Coat Render. This type of product can be applied over sand and cement renders, acrylic base render, or existing texture if you wanted to give your home a face lift.

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